Winter escape to South Africa

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I recently returned from a “winter escape” to South Africa.  I took off on Nov 27, which was a little bit after the snowy icy cold winter had taken over.  And after having tasted this nasty winter it was soooo good get down to the warmth and continue windsurfing on a daily basis.


Jumping at Sunset

walking up at Platboom beach

I normally don’t take off this early for my winter training, as December usually also offers good times on the ocean at home (NOT, this year though!!!)  The trip was planned very last moment and actually the main reason it happened was because I had started giving private lessons in the autumn for Danish windsurfer Claus Bøgild.  With the harsh winter suddenly invading Denmark and making it impossible to windsurf comfortably, Claus suggested we make a trip down to the warmth to continue the instructing and with all my expenses paid for!  Off course I accepted!  Must say this is one of the better assignments I have had!  :)   I really enjoy the private instruction concept. The intensity of the training gives a really steep learning curve. And on top of that, Claus is a really cool guy, and we had a great time.  Along with us came Claus’s wife and little daughter and we also had good company from a common friend, and keen windsurfer Morten Steen.  I had arranged a super nice apartment for us, 8 storage up right at the ocean where we could see every ripple of the sea! There was actually sea view from every room, except the toilet!  ;)   So we could constantly stay updated on the weather and never missed a gust of wind! We were blessed with plenty of wind during our stay, almost everyday in fact and some days with good waves too.


Claus and Morten having a good time at Sunset

GoPro angle at Platboom.  Love the green water color down there!

Another GoPro shot from Platboom and a watershot from Sunset

In the past I’ve gone to SA in the high season period of January and February and then the spots are really busy and some days you can hardly find a parking place.  I was curious to what it was like this early in the season, and it turned out many of the spots were quite empty and there were plenty of waves for everybody, so that was quite a luxury!   Still there was good company on the water, with several familiar faces that was good to see again!


Young and upcoming danish riders, Jens Pedersen and Christopher Friis ripping it up!

Walking up the beach at Yzerfontain in good spirits and sunset shot from the water.

Frontloop number 10341 on this trip!  ;)

Now back in Klitmøller I’m almost in doubt if I should have returned home for Xmas.  The winter is the worst I have ever experienced up here.  The ocean is starting to freeze up, something that I never seen before in this area.  Yesterday when I was going SUPing I had to pass an ice edge in some places 50-100 meters wide!  I think I need to start organizing the next winter escape!!!