Wave sailing

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Finally for the first time in a long long while the air temperature got over 5 degrees today, AND it was windy and wavy!  With a southerly wind direction there was no doubt about the battle plan, we were off for Ørhage (the Cold Hawaii world cup spot).

3,9 was the ideal sail size and accompanied with a sideoff wind direction it was great for down the line wave riding. Yet not too offshore so the wind was also filling in on the inside, so I could take my smallest board, my favourite little Quad 68!


Plenty of sections today to do Aerials off

And a few bigger sets came through

It actually wasn’t cold on the hands despite using open gloves – well, as long as you didn’t crash and got the hands in the 1 degree cold water!!!  It’s weird despite having had the wind from south and west since more than 2 weeks the water still haven’t gotten warmer!?  Normally it would rise to somewhere around 5 degrees.


Trying to stay dry! ;)

A bit more Aerial action and a lonely seagull – well, there was actually a zillion of them inside and I almost ran them over a couple of times, apparently they haven’t seen windsurfers for a while, and not used to the traffic anymore!

This day was worth gold, and I can live off this for a while.  I was not the only one feeling this way and it was so good to see the wide smiles on everybody’s faces!  A session like this makes spring feel like its not that far away any more.


Hang in there and keep thinking those positive thoughts!  So long.


Thanks to Tommy for taking the pictures