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I guess it’s about time for an update!

As they say – no news is good news!  I’m back in Klitmøller since beginning of the month, and really enjoying being back home.


Maui was good, in fact there was hardly any days without wind!  However in April I barely sailed, as I got myself an ankle injury, and on top of that I got really busy shooting 2011 product videos for JP and some short films for Neil Pryde.  Although I’m not fond of missing out on the sailing, it was great to focus a 100% on the filming.  April was very fruitful shooting about 45 hours of footage in total! With great conditions almost every day, it was possible to collect some really good stuff, including footage from several helicopter sessions.  For the first time I also got to do some serious water shooting as Henne my German FYM partner that normally is in charge of the water filming couldn’t make over due to the ash clouds closing airports.


Here’s a few shots from the JP shoot.