Spreckelsville session

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After a few days without wind (and a Tsunami!!!)  The wind and waves has returned full force. In fact high surf advisory is in effect at the moment.  With a big swell Lower Kanaha is normally great fun, so we were aiming at a session there.  But since we also wanted to shoot a few pix, we decided to go by Spreckelsville first.  (The waves at Kanaha is so far out that it is not possible to shoot there, where at Spreckelsville the waves are close to land.)


It was certainly not great conditions at Spreckelsville.  Kind of a stormy, very messy and choppy ocean..  But hey, it’s always good to get in the water!

We never made it to Kanaha eventually, we had a feeling that the conditions wouldn’t be that good there either and with a great forecast as far forward you can see, there was no reason to push too hard..

A solid forecast and one of the majestic set waves at Kuau.

We were probably not the only ones not stoked with the conditions.  It seems nobody was out during the day at the stretch from Kuau to Hookipa.  With regular sets at over 1½ mast and with chops the size of a car – it probably wouldn’t have been that much fun anyways!!.. And admittedly I would have been shitting my pants out at Hookipa today!  hahaha  Laughing

More to follow soon.