Sideoff in Middles

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It seems that the autumn has arrived!  It’s been windy and wavy almost every day lately.  And even better stuff to come judging from this forecast:  Smile



Here’s some shots from the best session Thursday last week, I sailed with 4,2 in a very smooth Middles due to nice sideoff winds!  This is my favourite conditions above all, it does get bigger and even cleaner than this.  But it was good that it wasn’t too heavy, as it was my first waveriding with the left knee at the back since my injury.  A bit scary to begin with, but I had gone by the fysio first and gotten a proper taping of the knee, and that help, and it went very good.  It’s mostly a mental thing..  I’ve been holding back a little, so I hope during this week that I’ll able to cut loose a bit more! Smile





You might notice that I’m on the new 2011 Fly, and it’s b-e-a-utifull! Smile They got a really nice feel to them!  I’m still figuring out the exact changes from last years Fly, but they sure feel good!  They have lots of drive and are nicely controlled.  And then this years graphics is absolutely sweet!  Okay, no more praises now from this Neil Pryde team rider!  Wink But I do love em! Tongue out



Thanks to my main man Christian for taking the shots!

Okay, enough writing, I’m off to the beach! Smile Hope you too will enjoy some good windsurfing the coming days!