Self torture

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I try to take my training off the water pretty serious, first of all, obviously to not get out of form when it’s not windy/wavy, but also because if you just windsurf you only improve your physical ability very gradually.  However if you isolate and dedicated train certain aspects of your physical ability you can lift your whole windsurfing performance a lot.



One of my favourite tools for this alternative training is my MTB and lately I have stepped up this training.  Amongst several routes I got a fixed trail around the nearby lake “Vandet Soe”, which I ride many times every month.  To push myself I often time how fast I can ride the trail.  As my form improved I got super keen to beat this trail record, and tried several times recently.  Despite putting lots of efforts into it, I’ve kept missing it.  So that’s been quite disappointing, but I kept at it, and yesterday I finally beat my 4 year standing MTB trail record!  It was a pretty crazy ride, I rode with the highest puls I’ve ever ridden with for that long being in the 170s and 180s for longer periods.  It was just 13 seconds improvement from 39.40 min to 39.27 min.  But man, it felt sooo good!!!  Almost as good as learning a new move!  It’s always nice to see what you are working on is going in the right direction!  Smile



The last week has been very still here in Klitmoeller with almost no water action, so I’m really starting to get keen to replace the alternative training with some of the real deal!  Smile