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Backloop, Middles end of january

Sorry for the long break here on the blog, but this winter has just been harder than anything to get through!  Not only the coldest for ages, but also the windsurfing industry has really been affected by the financial crisis.  So renewing agreements for 2010 was not a “dance in the park”.  But I can proudly report that I’m still with some of the finest companies in the business!  Smile


It’s going to be lots work in the future to get the needed cash, but it’s also going to be tons of fun and challenges.  And hey, noting comes without efforts!  So although I feel like I got 2 full time jobs right now and my lovely daughter Wilma too. It’s not a problem, as I get to play on the ocean at my time and choosing!


Talking about winter, boy oh boy, this one has been a nasty bugger alright!  But thanks to primarily my SUP board, I’ve still have made it out about every second day.  Despite having to fight my way through big snow dunes to get to the water, and virtually sometimes having to stay clear of ice pieces in the water.  The water temperature gauge at the harbour has been saying -1,3 the last days!  But still it’s remarkable how it’s actually not too bad out there once you get used to it!

Oerhage, start feb

There’s still a tiny group of “die hard” locals and we’ve had some quite remarkable sessions at the best surfing spot.  At this spot it’s normally always packed, and too busy really for going on the SUP.  But my good friend Mads and I have had the spot for ourselves several times, even on a Sunday!..


I beat my “cold record” for sure a little while back.  On this particular day I had gone out on my surfboard.  The air was -8, and where the water pulled back at by the shorebreak there was a layer of ice building up.  I only barely held out for 2 hours, and I was so cold (There was also wind putting the wind chill factor in effect as well!).  When I came out of the water, my feet had gone totally numb from the cold and I could hardly walk.  But I couldn’t help laughing when I looked at the forehead of my friend Jonas that I was walking back with.  He had a little bit of hair hanging out under his hoodie, and there was a little icicle hanging down!


It’s been too cold to go windsurfing (at least to be reasonably comfortable), however a few weeks ago a rare low (rare for this season..) came through and shortly brought the temperature up to 3-4 degrees and I managed to get one session in with quite enjoyable conditions on 3,9 in Middles.  But one crash with the open gloves in the icy icy cold water, and you were done, and no way to recover other than returning to the beach for a warming up..

Middles, Backside end of january

Now you might feel sorry for me, with all of this winter suffering!  But DON’T!  I’m in the middle of packing up for Maui departure in a few days time!  Sun, warmth, wind and waves here I come!  Laughing