Side off in Middles

The windy and mild weather continues relentlessly here!  Laughing Today started with a session at Ørhage at Klitmøller city.  It was big with sets a little over mast and overpowered on the 4,2.  It was a bit bumpy as lots of water was moving around, and wasn’t really that good (although the big sets got the adrenaline pumping which is always good fun!)


In search of something better we ended up in Middles, which was a bit of a gamble as the wind was really offshore making it hard to get out.  But it was possible with some hard work, and that was rewarded with some super long clean rides.  On the best sets you could go down the line for almost 500 meter!!!  Sweet!

Finally back on the wave board

After almost a month with easterly winds and no wavesailing, the wind finally swung over to the Southerly corner today bringing on some wave sailing.  It was sooo good to be back out on the wave board!  Smile

In this wind direction the best spot is “Ørhage” on the corner of Klitmoeller bay.  The wind was a bit light and gusty as it is slightly offshore.  But I love offshore conditions for wave riding.  Equipped with a 5,4 and my 74 Twinser it worked well, as there were some decent sets to push you forward.

The forecast is calling for wind and waves as far forward as you can see, accompanied by some ok temperatures around 10 degrees.  Good old Klitmøller is back!

Here’s a few shots from today’s action.  (Just click the pictures for bigger versions..)




Video from Young Gun Classic

Mid October we had the Young Gun Classic in Klitmøller, which was a huge success with more than 80 kids attending. It was good to see so many young guns showing up despite the cold. It seems our sport has a bright future!!!

Christian Gøbel was there all week filming and have edited below FYM Production.

Quicktime 640×360 – 118 MB


Young Gun klitmøller 2009 from FYM Productions on Vimeo.


Kauli in Klitmøller

A few weeks ago we had the Young Gun Classic in Klitmøller with 80 kids, and to their big treat, Kauli was here as guest star. A week prior to that, he was also here for a few days of free sailing. We were pretty exited about his visit. Seeing Kauli sail is always a pleasure, but to see him at your own local spot is something really special!

With this photo opportunity in our own backyard we pulled all the stops in FYM Productions. Adam came over from Copenhagen with his latest and dearest camera, which is called RED ONE. It is probably the most advanced video camera commercially available today. Many of the latest Hollywood films have been shot on this cam. It can shoot in 4K resolution, which is 4 times the size of HD. You can also shoot in smaller size (HD) and shoot 120 frames a second progressive. Which enables some pretty amazing slow motion. Pretty wicked stuff!

Fortunately in the 3 days Kauli was here, Klitmøller delivered one classic Middles day with 3,9 conditions, good size waves and bright sun! So we got to see the Brazilian style icon in action! It was very motivating to see, and it gives you a wider perspective of what is possible at your local break!

We’ll get some video together for you soon to check out!



Danish 2009 wave championships in Klitmøller

After a very slow start to the competition season with no completed contests all year, that sure changed around when we got to October. We got one of the sickest wave contests ever earlier in the month in Zealand, where we sailed maxed out 3,2 in great conditions! (I’ll bring some shots from this contest later..) Fresh from this good experience, we went on to last contest of the year, the Danish championships. This is THE contest of the year! Everybody gets together and goes northwest to the “Cold Hawaii” and our little city gets packed for the last time before the winter season kicks in.

This year expectations were running extra high as there was a good forecast ahead of the contest. The Danish wave champion title has only been given out 8 times previously in the 19 years we had the contest. So when the chance for a shot at the title rises, the adrenaline starts to pump! :-)

When we came to the beach Friday morning, we were meet by really heavy winds. Pozo almost (just almost) looked like a kindergarten! The wind was absolutely howling with gusts up to 57 knots (note that being in 10 degrees Celius!) 3,2 sail was the call as it had been a few times already the last weeks. But this time it wasn’t really possible to do anything, at least not with a big chance of survival! ;-) So for the first time a wave contest had to be put off due to too much wind! That is, the “Wild West Slalom” did start their contest!!! (it is sailed along side with the wave contest) They completed 3 rounds while the wind was at it highest! It looked so crazy, that I couldn’t help to participate in one of the rounds. It was hilarious sailing a slalom race on 3,2 and wave board!!! :-) Hats off for my team mate and good friend Allan Bech that was a mean mofo battling the nuclear winds to eventually take the victory in the slalom!

After 3-4 hours of waiting the wind suddenly eased off, and it was possible to start the wave contest. Which was great, however we were forced to sail on the corner of the bay by the clubhouse. With a northerly wind direction, that meant we had to sail in Starbord onshore and extremely difficult conditions. Ironically just a few hundreds meters around the corner there was sideshore conditions with massive waves, but we couldn’t get to sail there, as the judges wouldn’t have a car to sit in! Fair enough, as in these winds the chill factor would make it feel like –15, and I probably wouldn’t want to sit there all day myself!

With the shitty conditions being equal for everyone, we took up the challenge in good spirits and put on the best show we could. Without boring you with too many details of the contest, I can just report by the end the day, I was the one with the biggest and widest smile, as I took the 1st place! Wow, what a nice feeling getting the title after putting all those efforts into it!

Here’s the results:

1. Lars Petersen     Neil Pryde / JP Australia

2. Mads Bjørnå     Simmer / Fanatic

3. Kenneth Danielsen     Simmer / RRD

4. Robert Sand     Gaastra / Tabou

My apologises if there is more spelling errors than normal in this text.. It’s just that with no winds forecasted for the last day of the contest Sunday. We had the chance for a night out with the boys and girls to celebrate, and I’m glad that they virtually ran out of booze at the local café. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to walk the 100 meters home! ;-)

Here are a few shots from the contest. Thanks to Jan Nielsen and Frederik Sparvath for the pix!