A nice day in Cold Hawaii


Here a little report and a few shots from yesterday.  The wind was only blowing in the south in the beginning of the day, so my buddy Christian and I went down to a sandbank south of Krik, which provides nice speed sailing conditions in Northwesterly directions. I was out on my 45cm wide JP Australia Speed needle for the first time this year and fairly powered up on a NP RS EVO II 5,5. Water was okay flat, but the angle of the wind wasn’t perfect though, as it was straight offshore without any angle. Still a really fun session and I was able to get a 69,8 km/h peak on my best run.


Feeling the need for speed!  ;)

After a good rest we went up to Middles in the evening, where we were greeted by light wind wave conditions.  I rigged a 5,8, not my favorite size of sail, but the wind direction was nice and a few decent sets came through.  Despite the sun not shinning we decided to take the new water housing for a test run, which we have been eager to take for a test shoot.  Not the most fruitful shoot, but the new housing is working great so now we are looking forward to the next chance of sun and waves!


Throwing some spray in a bottom turn.


Also took the GoPro out for a little spin

No news is good news

It’s been a long time since my last update here on the blog.  But as the saying goes, no news is good news! Smile


Let me start with where I let off back in mid January. The remaining bit of the winter was simply insane! It was day in and day out with waves for surfing and SUP.  In February we also started getting wave sailing on a regular basis, and that was some fine sailing with lots of my favourite side offshore conditions!  Okay, it was raw and cold, but with such great conditions you tend to forget the cold.  Here are a few shots.


Clean side off in Middles

These pictures are from a day in beginning of February, where we had a super nice swell with a VERY long period.  Notice how you can’t see any wave in front of the one I’m riding.  The waves were spaced out like I’ve rarely seen!



There were also some days great for jumping.  But these shots are from a stalled forward, that I wish I hadn’t gone for, as an overrotation resulted in a couple bruised rips!

Paradise for Aerials!  Hollow waves and side off is a great combo for launching off the lip

SUPing in Bunkers on a beautiful winter day.

A couple more shots from the winters endless string of swell.

Mid March I went on the annual Maui trip, which included the JP Australia 2012 video shoot.  As always it was a pleasure to visit the little island in middles of the Pacific, and it certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of wind and waves!  The JP shoot also went very well, and I believe we collected the best footage to date! Christian Gøbel came over for the shoot and we were working as we were possessed! It was fun filming full time from morning till evening.  BUT, normally being able to get in the water when I want, and then all of a sudden not being able to get in, that was really hard though! However, I guess I can live with these 14 days a year!  ;)   That made me remind myself about how lucky I am!


Late afternoon session in Hookipa



Right now I’m enjoying my usual routine in Klitmøller!  I love this time of year, it’s comfortable warm and there’s still a lot of wind and waves around. I would probably say that about any time of the year, if you ask me at that given time.  In fact if I don’t control myself, you would regularly hear me say THIS WAS THE BEST EVER this and that.  But hey, noting wrong in appreciating what you get in life right!?  Smile

Big thanks for taking pictures to:  Christian, Jens, Sebastian, Marc, Annette, Martin and Tommy!

Wave sailing

Finally for the first time in a long long while the air temperature got over 5 degrees today, AND it was windy and wavy!  With a southerly wind direction there was no doubt about the battle plan, we were off for Ørhage (the Cold Hawaii world cup spot).

3,9 was the ideal sail size and accompanied with a sideoff wind direction it was great for down the line wave riding. Yet not too offshore so the wind was also filling in on the inside, so I could take my smallest board, my favourite little Quad 68!


Plenty of sections today to do Aerials off

And a few bigger sets came through

It actually wasn’t cold on the hands despite using open gloves – well, as long as you didn’t crash and got the hands in the 1 degree cold water!!!  It’s weird despite having had the wind from south and west since more than 2 weeks the water still haven’t gotten warmer!?  Normally it would rise to somewhere around 5 degrees.


Trying to stay dry! ;)

A bit more Aerial action and a lonely seagull – well, there was actually a zillion of them inside and I almost ran them over a couple of times, apparently they haven’t seen windsurfers for a while, and not used to the traffic anymore!

This day was worth gold, and I can live off this for a while.  I was not the only one feeling this way and it was so good to see the wide smiles on everybody’s faces!  A session like this makes spring feel like its not that far away any more.


Hang in there and keep thinking those positive thoughts!  So long.


Thanks to Tommy for taking the pictures

Finally waves again

By the end of December I was really starting to miss some real wave action.  Since my return from SA I had actually been on the water almost daily despite the freezing cold, but just doing some SUPing along the coast in totally flat conditions.  Due to the prevailing east winds in the whole region it was shutting down all waves fetches.  The flat water SUP is fine, and a great get away from the office.  However, I have a difficult time pushing myself hard enough physically to really make some cardio progress when just doing long distance.  Where in waves it all comes naturally while you are having fun.  Actually SUP in waves is one of the best natural interval training forms I know!


Birds over Bunkers shorebreak and me on the inside section.

Finally by January 1st the wind swung round to the westerly corner, providing not just milder weather, but WAVES!  That truly felt as a new beginning!  Since then I have been enjoying nice waves almost every day either surfing or SUPing.  And yes, the water is still super cold, and when surfing, you do hit the wall sometimes after a couple of hours getting so cold that you can hardly remember your last name!!! ;)   SUP on the other hand, it’s remarkable how easy it is to stay warm!  When I SUP I never leave the water because of being cold., you can keep going and going.


So being in Klitmøller these days brings out the wide smile, and eases the stress considerably for getting ready for the next trip.  I must spend a while at home, doing stuff like the accounting for 2010, renegotiate my contracts for next year and stuff like that.  Yes, being my type of full time windsurfer does still take a lot of office work!  But with the current conditions I’m not in a big hurry!  I really love being at home!  Although I’m certainly starting to miss stepping up on my windsurfer again, so if we could just have a few degrees rise in the temperature please! ;)


We haven’t been taking time to shooting lately, but Mads Karl and I did these few quick shots at today’s SUP session at Bunkers.


Will I make it or not!?  There were some good size sets coming through today.  In fact Mads and get fully wiped out at one point of the set of the day.  Giving Mads such a pounding that the leachline broke!

Mads in a late late take-off!

By the way, talking about getting on the water in the winter. I just had this interview published in Boardseeker with tips and stuff on going out in cold conditions.

Hope you too get out there!  Remember it’s not as cold as you think it is, if you have the right wetsuit!

Behind the scenes – Neil Pryde photoshoot 2010

During the Neil Pryde photoshoot in Maui last year I was filming behind the scenes, capturing the team working hard with Eliott Leboe and Jerome Houvet (videographer/photographer) to get the best possible footage for the 2011 product collection. Combined with Elliot’s great action footage, Christian Gøbel has put together this neat little film.