Ocean time

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Things have been quite busy around here lately, amongst others due to organizing the Danish nationals in SUP wave and shooting the event film for WaterZ.  That have meant a lot time spend in the office, and away from my normal routine.  I think it’s fun to do other things, but I’m foremost a waterman that loves getting in the ocean!  So I was stoked yesterday when I could go back to having my main focus on that again, and not just getting short sessions here and there.   And what a day I had!  A fairly solid Atlantic swell with a good period was hitting the coast. The wind was up and down from a sideoff shore direction, sometimes good for wave sailing, sometimes good for SUP.  Having both sets of equipment with me I was ready for anything.  These 2 sports really complement each other so well!  It turned out that is was really only good for wave sailing in short periods so I opted for going SUP and battling it out the few windy periods.  I scored some pretty awesome waves, as you can see from enclosed pictures!  Can’t wait for tomorrow that’s going to get even better!  :)


Remember you can click pictures for a bigger size.  By the way worry for the pictures being somewhat blurry – my lens needs to go to the repair place for an adjustment.