No news is good news

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It’s been a long time since my last update here on the blog.  But as the saying goes, no news is good news! Smile


Let me start with where I let off back in mid January. The remaining bit of the winter was simply insane! It was day in and day out with waves for surfing and SUP.  In February we also started getting wave sailing on a regular basis, and that was some fine sailing with lots of my favourite side offshore conditions!  Okay, it was raw and cold, but with such great conditions you tend to forget the cold.  Here are a few shots.


Clean side off in Middles

These pictures are from a day in beginning of February, where we had a super nice swell with a VERY long period.  Notice how you can’t see any wave in front of the one I’m riding.  The waves were spaced out like I’ve rarely seen!



There were also some days great for jumping.  But these shots are from a stalled forward, that I wish I hadn’t gone for, as an overrotation resulted in a couple bruised rips!

Paradise for Aerials!  Hollow waves and side off is a great combo for launching off the lip

SUPing in Bunkers on a beautiful winter day.

A couple more shots from the winters endless string of swell.

Mid March I went on the annual Maui trip, which included the JP Australia 2012 video shoot.  As always it was a pleasure to visit the little island in middles of the Pacific, and it certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of wind and waves!  The JP shoot also went very well, and I believe we collected the best footage to date! Christian Gøbel came over for the shoot and we were working as we were possessed! It was fun filming full time from morning till evening.  BUT, normally being able to get in the water when I want, and then all of a sudden not being able to get in, that was really hard though! However, I guess I can live with these 14 days a year!  ;)   That made me remind myself about how lucky I am!


Late afternoon session in Hookipa



Right now I’m enjoying my usual routine in Klitmøller!  I love this time of year, it’s comfortable warm and there’s still a lot of wind and waves around. I would probably say that about any time of the year, if you ask me at that given time.  In fact if I don’t control myself, you would regularly hear me say THIS WAS THE BEST EVER this and that.  But hey, noting wrong in appreciating what you get in life right!?  Smile

Big thanks for taking pictures to:  Christian, Jens, Sebastian, Marc, Annette, Martin and Tommy!