Life is good!

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What can I say; it’s good times around here!  Summer is still on, and our little fishing village is buzzing with activity. Conditions have been all right, not the most consistent, but there certainly have been some enjoyable days on a fairly regular basis. But but BUT, I haven’t enjoyed the last couple weeks doing what I love the most: playing in waves!  A month ago I crashed in an Off the Lip on a big day down in Agger injuring my inside ligaments of my left knee.  Agger has the heaviest wave in the area, and when things go wrong you have to be ready to pay the price!  So I did!  ;)   However, it’s healing up well, and I have in fact just been out for the time again the last 2 days!  I’m sooo stoked to be back on the water.  I had really missed it, and I was singing out on the water like a little kid  (hope nobody heard it, because I sing like shit!  Haha)


10 years ago I would really have been in a bad mood for not being able to get in the ocean, but nowadays I actually learnt to relax while the injury is healing up  (yup, this is by far not the first time I get injured!  Having fun must apparently hurt some times Wink)

I think my trick to survive not getting in the ocean is my other passions, and one of these is filming.  It’s been great to have main focus on that for a while.  A little before my injury Neil Pryde had asked if I could go to Fuerteventura end of July and shoot their new coming racing sails, and that was perfect timing as then I didn’t have to worry about all the sailing I was missing while filming!


Shooting off the little Island Lobos.  Sweet colours!  Sorry, for the photoshop blurred sails, but I can’t give away the new designs before the release…

Thanks to Jerome for the shots!


Something else that brings a smile on my face these days is the Klitmøller Cold Hawaii Wave World Cup coming up next month. This is such an old dream of mine that’s finally happening! Smile It’s going to be sooo awesome to have our sports ultimate show in our own backyard, and I get to take part in it!  Smile

I don’t know what is it is these days, but we sure got the big happenings going down this fall!  Just before the World Cup, we got another big budget event down south in Hvide Sande called “Waterz”.

The programme consists of long distance racing, wakeboarding comp, SUP, parties and everything! Antoine Albeau and several of the top guys are attending.   FYM Productions will be in charge of covering the action, and that’s going to be fun, as we’ll have Helicopter, jet skies the whole works!


I really want to acknowledge this passionate group of people that is making this happen – fantastic work!!!  (You know who you are!)


Left: A serious moment at “Bunkers”.  I’m often told that I always look like a big happy kid, and well – I am despite my age! Wink But here’s proof I can look serious!

Right: Backloop at “Middles”


Top:  Frontloop at Klitmøller Bay

Bottom:  A shot from maybe this years best day so far.  June 12th in Middles.  3,6 + sideoff = magic!  Smile