Kauli in Klitmøller

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A few weeks ago we had the Young Gun Classic in Klitmøller with 80 kids, and to their big treat, Kauli was here as guest star. A week prior to that, he was also here for a few days of free sailing. We were pretty exited about his visit. Seeing Kauli sail is always a pleasure, but to see him at your own local spot is something really special!

With this photo opportunity in our own backyard we pulled all the stops in FYM Productions. Adam came over from Copenhagen with his latest and dearest camera, which is called RED ONE. It is probably the most advanced video camera commercially available today. Many of the latest Hollywood films have been shot on this cam. It can shoot in 4K resolution, which is 4 times the size of HD. You can also shoot in smaller size (HD) and shoot 120 frames a second progressive. Which enables some pretty amazing slow motion. Pretty wicked stuff!

Fortunately in the 3 days Kauli was here, Klitmøller delivered one classic Middles day with 3,9 conditions, good size waves and bright sun! So we got to see the Brazilian style icon in action! It was very motivating to see, and it gives you a wider perspective of what is possible at your local break!

We’ll get some video together for you soon to check out!