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Here’s a couple of shots from March 4’th, where I had my first session at Hookipa.  After a few days of high surf advisory the swell had backed off and was “just” mast high.  Yes, you are reading correctly – just mast high!  It’s funny how you at other spots around the world so rarely will have waves this size.  But here, it’s common to have at least logo high sets!  Hookipa is not famous for being the world wave sailing arena no. 1 without reason!

Wind from the right is not my natural tack, so I have been hard at work getting the “mechanics” working (again).  The previous days in lower Kanaha had been worth gold, as you could get a lot a turns on waves that doesn’t eat you alive when you goof up!..  At this session at Hookipa I was playing it save, but I’m slowly getting ready to step up my game as my comfort and confidence quickly rises.  Hope to be busting some big moves in the near future!


Big thanks to Danni Jakobsen for taking the pix while he was taking a day off to heal a minor foot injury.  Danni, my travel companion, is one of the young and upcoming Formula and Slalom racers in Denmark.  But while here, he has put the serious racing training on pause and is enjoying wave sailing to the max!

Danni bottom turning at Sprecks

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