Finally waves again

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By the end of December I was really starting to miss some real wave action.  Since my return from SA I had actually been on the water almost daily despite the freezing cold, but just doing some SUPing along the coast in totally flat conditions.  Due to the prevailing east winds in the whole region it was shutting down all waves fetches.  The flat water SUP is fine, and a great get away from the office.  However, I have a difficult time pushing myself hard enough physically to really make some cardio progress when just doing long distance.  Where in waves it all comes naturally while you are having fun.  Actually SUP in waves is one of the best natural interval training forms I know!


Birds over Bunkers shorebreak and me on the inside section.

Finally by January 1st the wind swung round to the westerly corner, providing not just milder weather, but WAVES!  That truly felt as a new beginning!  Since then I have been enjoying nice waves almost every day either surfing or SUPing.  And yes, the water is still super cold, and when surfing, you do hit the wall sometimes after a couple of hours getting so cold that you can hardly remember your last name!!! ;)   SUP on the other hand, it’s remarkable how easy it is to stay warm!  When I SUP I never leave the water because of being cold., you can keep going and going.


So being in Klitmøller these days brings out the wide smile, and eases the stress considerably for getting ready for the next trip.  I must spend a while at home, doing stuff like the accounting for 2010, renegotiate my contracts for next year and stuff like that.  Yes, being my type of full time windsurfer does still take a lot of office work!  But with the current conditions I’m not in a big hurry!  I really love being at home!  Although I’m certainly starting to miss stepping up on my windsurfer again, so if we could just have a few degrees rise in the temperature please! ;)


We haven’t been taking time to shooting lately, but Mads Karl and I did these few quick shots at today’s SUP session at Bunkers.


Will I make it or not!?  There were some good size sets coming through today.  In fact Mads and get fully wiped out at one point of the set of the day.  Giving Mads such a pounding that the leachline broke!

Mads in a late late take-off!

By the way, talking about getting on the water in the winter. I just had this interview published in Boardseeker with tips and stuff on going out in cold conditions.

Hope you too get out there!  Remember it’s not as cold as you think it is, if you have the right wetsuit!