Finally back on the wave board

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After almost a month with easterly winds and no wavesailing, the wind finally swung over to the Southerly corner today bringing on some wave sailing.  It was sooo good to be back out on the wave board!  Smile

In this wind direction the best spot is “Ørhage” on the corner of Klitmoeller bay.  The wind was a bit light and gusty as it is slightly offshore.  But I love offshore conditions for wave riding.  Equipped with a 5,4 and my 74 Twinser it worked well, as there were some decent sets to push you forward.

The forecast is calling for wind and waves as far forward as you can see, accompanied by some ok temperatures around 10 degrees.  Good old Klitmøller is back!

Here’s a few shots from today’s action.  (Just click the pictures for bigger versions..)