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New toys!

The autumn has arrived, and what an awesome time of the year! Not only are the winds and waves consistent, Klitmøller is also full of activity. But it’s also the time year where all the new toys arrive, such as the new boards and sails! And do we like new toys!?? YES! :-)

The 2010 collection from my sponsors is the biggest collection I’ve ever seen! I can’t believe how much there is to choose from! Neil Pryde got 5 sail ranges just for wave sailing (well one of them is combined freestyle and wave..). JP Australia got with the recent launch of the Quad, 4 different wave board lines! I’ve been feeling like a little kid in a candy store! ;-)

For the sails I was guessing that with my relative light body frame of 71 kg my ideal sail would either be The Fly or Combat. The new materials really seem to have made a big difference. You instantly feel that they are lighter and that simply improves every aspect of sailing! Also the shape of the sails is different from last years. They are still nice and soft, yet the bigger sizes have been greatly improved, now being a fair bit firmer and really delivering the drive you need in light wind wave conditions!

On the board side it’s been really interesting to try the new single fin “wave” and the Twinser wave. I’ve clocked a lot of hours on them, and believe I have them figured out. My approach is quite simple, as soon as it is side to sideoff – it’s Twinser time. In good conditions it’s simply insane how tight you can turn on these babies! I haven’t tried the smallest 63 yet, I think if it turns even tighter, I might have to do some stretching before taking that one out!!! Haha ;-)

I must admit that I’m very happy to have the opportunity to have a quiver of boards, in both single fin and twinser. It wouldn’t be easy to choose on whether to have a single fin or twinser board.. I love my single fins for certain kind of conditions. But again the new twinsers are not bad in less ideal conditions, so I guess my recommendations goes towards going for them, even if you are only going to have one board! (Provided that you are a skilled rider and have quite good wave conditions)

Here’s a few shots of the new gear in action:



3-2-1 The blog is back!

My last blog was back in December, and that was about time when the lines of defences were broken and all hell broke loose! I have been in what feels like a battle, in about 8 months we have finished more video than we normally do in 2-3 years!  Almost 5 hours of top tuned video!  A Kauli Seadi portrait movie, the 2010 JP Australia product videos, and the monster of all monsters, “Winner to Wavesailor”

Wow, what a feeling to have accomplished all this!  How I just love to bring these projects to life!  I can’t thank the FYM Productions team enough to make it happen!  Especially Christian Gøbel that has bleed all along side with me!


Motivation runs high, I feel like I just reached the top of a mountain.  Yeah! I can now apply more time doing what it’s all about:  Spending time on the water! And boy, has it be good here in Klitmøller lately!!!  I think it would be hard to find a better place to have been over the last few weeks!
There’s still some work to be done on this new blog, but now it is established – come by soon again for regular updates.  In the mean time here’s a few pictures from the time that have past..

Winner to Wavesailor DVD finally out!

Delayed forward on a windy 3,6 m2 day in “Middles”, Hanstholm

Hookipa, April 2009

Boa Vista, Cape verde Feb 2009