A nice day in Cold Hawaii

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Here a little report and a few shots from yesterday.  The wind was only blowing in the south in the beginning of the day, so my buddy Christian and I went down to a sandbank south of Krik, which provides nice speed sailing conditions in Northwesterly directions. I was out on my 45cm wide JP Australia Speed needle for the first time this year and fairly powered up on a NP RS EVO II 5,5. Water was okay flat, but the angle of the wind wasn’t perfect though, as it was straight offshore without any angle. Still a really fun session and I was able to get a 69,8 km/h peak on my best run.


Feeling the need for speed!  ;)

After a good rest we went up to Middles in the evening, where we were greeted by light wind wave conditions.  I rigged a 5,8, not my favorite size of sail, but the wind direction was nice and a few decent sets came through.  Despite the sun not shinning we decided to take the new water housing for a test run, which we have been eager to take for a test shoot.  Not the most fruitful shoot, but the new housing is working great so now we are looking forward to the next chance of sun and waves!


Throwing some spray in a bottom turn.


Also took the GoPro out for a little spin