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I believe it’s well about time that I update this blog!!!  I will take a look back on what’s happened the past few months.  It’s not an easy task though, as this autumn has been very busy and I almost don’t know where to begin.  But let me begin with the fact it has been quite a windy autumn, and I have had tons of good days on the water, including some very memorable sessions.  Like in the shots below from Agger.  This spot doesn’t work very often, but it’s amazing when it does. You’ll have several turns on big faces without anything remotely looking like chop!



Luckily some of the good winds also coincidence with the biggest events we have ever had in Denmark, Waterz and PWA Cold Hawaii.  For Waterz, we could have done without all the rain though since we were doing the event filming.  But hey, it was windy!  And a great event! J

Here’s the film we did on Waterz:



After that it was straight into PWA Cold Hawaii, and I’m never going to forget the sensation I felt when I came down to the beach and saw all the flags, tents, and a full fleet of PWA sailors.  A World Cup right in my backyard!  I used to dream about this all the time. Unbelievable!

It was really fun competing on world cup level again after a 6 year break.  I actually did advance one heat (against Antxon Otaegui) and I got real close in my next one. After the event I really felt like doing some more World Cup events!



The pictures above are from the last big event of the year we had in Klitmøller, the Danish Championships.  We had plenty of wind, in fact the first day of competition had to be postponed due to too much wind!!!  On the following day we caught the end of the strong low pressure, and competed in quickly descending winds.  I never tried anything like it, in a few hours I sailed with almost all my sails, except my 4,5.  That was a lot of rigging in a short time! Unfortunately the efforts didn’t quite cut it to defend my title from last year.  I ended in 3’rd place


Recently I’ve had some good coverage.  Here’s a couple of the best:

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Windsurfer International.  Learn to Carve Gybe

TV2 Nord. (Scroll down to “World Cup Surfing”..  Note it’s in Danish..)


Thanks for pictures to:

PWA John Carter, Christian Gøbel, Ida O. Jacobsen and Simon Lauritsen