A day to remember

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We have been in a good patch for some time now with low-pressure systems providing fine conditions, but on Mai 14’th it all came together a little better than normal.  I had seen the forecast the days before, and I knew a good day was coming, but I woke up that morning to a sight that exceeded my expectations!  Solid mast high sets accompanied by a strong Southwesterly winds pounded the Klitmøller coastline.  That got me going!!! I ended going all out that day, going for 4 sessions at different spots plus mixing in some SUP as well, spending a total of 8 hours in my wetsuit!  Here are the pictures to document the day.  (you can click on the pictures for bigger versions)


This shot is from my second session at Ørhage (the world cup venue).  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from the morning where the waves were even bigger, but as you can see there was definitely some water moving around out there!


With some juicy lips!


In the afternoon the wind went a little notch more westerly, and I took my chances and went up to Middles where I was meet by smaller but super clean and steep waves blown up by offshore winds. I was actually expecting to go SUPing.  However it was just enough sideshore to work, despite a tricky gusty wind.  Once on the wave you could scream down the line, and hit the waves as hard as you could!  Boy, it was fun!


I love these side off (off) shore conditions.  We don’t get them so often, and when they occur it’s mostly in the wintertime.  So this was a real bonus!


Aerials are easy in this much offshore – just blast down the line and take aim on the section you want to hit!  Getting back down on the wave face is the really challenge.


Smooth faces. No chop!  Just smack it!  :)


Later in the evening the wind back off a little, and it was to time bring out the SUP!


This was my last wave despite peeling perfection – there just wasn’t any energy left in my body after a full day on the ocean.  But what a day!  :)


Big thanks to Marc for taking the pix!


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