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My last blog was back in December, and that was about time when the lines of defences were broken and all hell broke loose! I have been in what feels like a battle, in about 8 months we have finished more video than we normally do in 2-3 years!  Almost 5 hours of top tuned video!  A Kauli Seadi portrait movie, the 2010 JP Australia product videos, and the monster of all monsters, “Winner to Wavesailor”

Wow, what a feeling to have accomplished all this!  How I just love to bring these projects to life!  I can’t thank the FYM Productions team enough to make it happen!  Especially Christian Gøbel that has bleed all along side with me!


Motivation runs high, I feel like I just reached the top of a mountain.  Yeah! I can now apply more time doing what it’s all about:  Spending time on the water! And boy, has it be good here in Klitmøller lately!!!  I think it would be hard to find a better place to have been over the last few weeks!
There’s still some work to be done on this new blog, but now it is established – come by soon again for regular updates.  In the mean time here’s a few pictures from the time that have past..

Winner to Wavesailor DVD finally out!

Delayed forward on a windy 3,6 m2 day in “Middles”, Hanstholm

Hookipa, April 2009

Boa Vista, Cape verde Feb 2009